Minor refresh: spreadsheet support and security

Just to let users know that the groupsort.com website has just had a minor refresh, touching on two main areas:

Spreadsheet support

We have added the ability to import data from Excel-format spreadsheets, in addition to the CSV files we have always supported. So instead of having to convert your .XLS or .XLSX file to CSV, you can upload the file directly.


We also now default to using HTTPS when accessing the website. This should be entirely transparent to users, as the site will automatically move you to a secure connection if you use a bookmark pointing to an old, non-HTTPS address.

Other changes

There are one or two other changes and fixes that have gone in, to do with documentation, cookie notifications etc. Nothing earth-shattering though!

If you have any feedback, comments or requests then do send them to us via the groupsort.com message page, and we will do our best to respond.